Thursday, January 6, 2011

Birthday & Anniversary Board

A while back, I saw something similar to this but can't remember for the life of me where.
I'm really sorry! I wish I could give her credit!

I decided months ago that I was going to make one for my mom for Christmas. The original one I saw only had birthday's but I decided to take it a step further and include anniversaries as well. Even though I decided months ago to do it, I really didn't make it until the few days before Christmas. I bought the frame and metal board from the wonderful Wood Connection and just painted the board black. 

I am not very good at scrap booking, so I cheated and created the months all on the computer and had them printed as a 4x6 picture at Walmart. I downloaded a whole bunch of really cute FREE digital scrapbook pages from the Shabby Princess. Did I mention, it was all FREE?? Best part! Then I took put a magnet on the back of each picture to put them on the metal board. If you didn't want to do the metal board, you could Mod Podge them on to the back of a normal frame or even on the glass of it.

Because I know our family is not complete, and probably never will be. My mom will want to continue adding names even for her great grand kids. I decided to print all the names on the same background I put the month on... Then Mod Podged them on the pictures. (Extra step that didn't need to be taken.) I didn't love how that turned out. If I had more time, I would have changed it before I gave it to her. If I liked my handwriting, I would have just written them all on with a black permanent marker. (Makes it the easiest way to add more names.) I'm still going to fix and re-do the months. I had the great idea just last night of printing the names on a clear label. That makes it an even easier way to add names to it. My mom can still write the new names on, or you can always print a new label for a new birth or marriage. 

To finish it off, I cut out our family name along with "Birthdays & Anniversaries" with the Cricut in white vinyl and stuck them on the top and bottom of the board. (Sorry I didn't take pictures of everything along the way. I actually finished this on Christmas day so I could give it to my mom.)

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