Friday, April 1, 2011

Baby Nursery

I had this done before my little man came. I have been a little... pre-occupied for the last several weeks. I started by painting the walls with the blue and brown stripes around the whole room. I used the Martha Stewart brand for the blue and a cheaper Walmart kind for the brown. (In case you were wondering, I wouldnt recommend walmart paint for thin strips like this. Even with the green Frog Tape, it still blead down in to the tape. We had to go around the whole room and touch up the main wall color.) My sister-in-law gave me the "Baby" vinyl lettering on the wall, purchased from Roberts. I didn't quite know what I wanted to do there so this worked perfectly. The bedding is the Jackson by the CoCaLo Collection. I just hung the bedding quilt above the glider the other night when we moved little man in there at night. The last thing I need to do is curtains.

Below is the view when you first walk in the room.
 Below is the view looking at the crib from the wall with the window.

Below is the vinyl frame that is above his crib that I cut on my cricut. I found a frame outline online and used the fabulous SCAL to cut it along with his name in the center (blocked out in the center.)

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  1. so cute! I need to come see it in person! You have been very busy! LOVE it!